Yellow Teeth Causes and Treatment

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Yellow teeth are a serious problem for everyone, especially adults. This condition makes people unconfident because it makes our performance bad. Most people are not able to reverse yellow teeth. Having dental treatment in dental clinic can be an alternative solution. But unfortunately, it is expensive. Actually, there are some natural remedies to reverse yellow teeth. But the level of success depends on how severe the problem of yellow teeth is. To prevent yellow teeth, we need to know some yellow teeth causes.

yellow teeth causes and treatment
yellow teeth causes remedy
  1. Smoking

One of yellow teeth causes is smoking. You will never find any warning about yellow teeth caused by smoking. But in fact, most of smokers experience this problem and even worse teeth problem. Nicotine is the substance that damages your teeth.

  1. Coffee

Coffee is another troublemaker for teeth health. Not only making your teeth turn yellow, it can even turn them black because of caffeine content.

  1. Sweet Treats

Sweet treats such as chocolate, cake, and candy are big enemies for teeth. They can damage teeth and turn them yellow. If you want your teeth stay white and healthy, you’d better avoid eating them.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol is a big trouble for health. It causes diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Drinking alcohol also damages teeth. It makes teeth yellow and decayed.

  1. Energy Drink

Energy drink contains high level of sugar. It also contains acidic substance. It makes energy drink corrosive and tends to damage teeth.

Some causes of yellow teeth above are actually easy to avoid. But what if yellow teeth problem occurs even without consuming any food or drink as mentioned? It must be a genetic problem. Before deciding to spend a lot of money in dental clinic, some natural remedies are recommended to follow. Baking soda is one of effective substances that can get rid of yellow teeth. Add baking soda to lemon juice and use toothbrush to apply the mixture. Leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse it using warm water. If you do this remedy regularly, your teeth will turn white gradually.

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Another easy way you can try is cleansing teeth using strawberry. This fruit is trusted to whiten yellow teeth. Mash 1-2 strawberries until you get fine form of strawberry paste and rub the paste gently over your teeth. What causes your teeth to turn yellow is mostly what you consume. So, before undergoing treatment and remedies, you should change your eating and drinking habit.