Top Home Remedies for Sensitive Teeth

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Sensitive teeth can be very inconvenient. Your teeth have roots that consist of thousands of little tubules that led to the nerve center of your tooth. The stimuli from cold or hot food will transfer through the tubules and reach the nerve which causes the pain. You can, however, decrease the pain by consuming some type of medicine. If you are not a big fan of chemical medicine, then you might want to know about home remedies for sensitive teeth.

Home remedies for sensitive teeth can be found lying around you. Several oral products can worsen the problem; therefore you might want to try home remedies. The following are lists of home remedies you can apply for your sensitive teeth:

home remedies for sensitive teeth
home remedies for sensitive teeth pain
  1. Coconut Oil

An example of home remedies for sensitive teeth pain is coconut oil. With coconut oil, you can try oil pulling to help decrease the streptococcus mutants’ bacteria in your mouth to reduce tooth sensitivity. Coconut oil has a natural antibacterial agent, which can help diminish the plaque on your teeth and improve your oral health.

  1. Cloves

Another example of home remedies for sensitive teeth and gums is clove. Clove is widely known for its antibacterial agent that can fight infections on your mouth and diminish tooth ache. All you have to do is grind approximately 2 cloves, mix them with a bit of olive oil. Apply the paste on your sensitive tooth and let it sit for 30 minutes.

Clove Oil for Toothache with the Possible Treatments

  1. Garlic

Although known for its bad smell, garlic can be a great sensitive teeth home remedy. It has allicin that acts as a natural anesthetic and antibacterial agent. Those properties help to reduce pain from sensitive teeth and fight germs that cause cavities and worst, oral infections. You can crush garlic and mix it with 3 drops of water. Use the paste to treat the sensitive tooth by applying it directly and let it be for few minutes. Rinse it off with warm water.

Those are several tips on what to do for sensitive teeth home remedy. Sensitive teeth are not something you have to be afraid of, since it is something that you can treat to feel better. The key is to be consistent in treating the affected tooth. You also need to avoid foods that can trigger the pain on your tooth. If you’ve followed the steps carefully and be consistent with it, rest assured that you can enjoy any type of food anytime you like.