Simple Methods to Get Rid of Garlic Breath

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Garlic is used in plenty of delicious recipe, including to get rid of garlic breath. Despite being delicious, its distinct odor often stays longer than the flavor in your mouth. Unfortunately, garlic breath is somehow unpleasant. Therefore, plenty of people are looking for method to remove it. If you have the same problem with garlic breath, the following life hack will offer you easy method to create refreshing breath. For some people, refreshing breath is able to boost their confidence. Without further ado, here are some easy life hacks that will help you to get refreshing breath after consuming garlic.

how to get rid of garlic breath

  1. Chewing gum

Apparently, how to get rid of garlic breath is relatively easy. All you need to do is chewing gum. Some gums are already using refreshing ingredients such as peppermint. This particular ingredient will not only remove bad breath caused by garlic consumption, but also refreshing the breath as well. During the chewing process, the gum circulates inside your mouth. It stimulates good saliva flow thus wash garlic odor sticking in the mouth interior.

  1. Brushing teeth

If you are not into chewing gum, perhaps brushing teeth is the one for you. Some people often forget to brush their teeth right after they eat something. Brushing teeth alone will not help you to get rid of garlic breath. It is highly advisable to brush the tongue as well. As it goes with gum, plenty products of toothpaste are already containing refreshing ingredients. Some of them are able to help you with your bad breath problem.

  1. Eating parsley

Some of you might already know that parsley has distinctive scent. The fresh scent of parsley is able to help you to get free from garlic breath. Parsley is able to do this job thanks to the cleansing effect of its substances. Other than parsley, some vegetables with crunchy texture such as celery and broccoli work the same as well.

  1. Drinking milk

The best way to get rid of garlic breath is probably by drinking milk. When you cook cuisine with garlic ingredients, make sure you have a glass of milk beside you plate. For ages, people are already known that milk is nutritious and good for body in general. However, the substances contained in milk are surprisingly able to eliminate unpleasant odor caused by garlic consumption. It is advisable to consume the milk in warm condition. Warm milk does better job at removing garlic odor.