Remove Tartar from Teeth at Home Without Dentist

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It needs more patients to remove tartar from teeth. Tartar buildup or hardened plaque on teeth is quite a problem for many people. Even though people probably do not want to talk about this matter, tartar on teeth must not be underestimated as it may lead to serious condition like gum disease and cavities. Tartar can be seen easily above gum line with its yellow color.

You can prevent this build-up by brushing regularly, having a healthy diet, and flossing. Most importantly, you should not skip the visit to dentist to remove these all tartar. Aside from these preventions, you can prevent and also remove the tartar by following several home remedies.

remove tartar from teeth at home
remove tartar from teeth without dentist
  1. Fruit

To remove tartar, you can try using some fruits such as tomatoes and also strawberries. These fruits are not only beneficial as tartar removal but also healthy for your body. To remove tartar from teeth at home, you should rub them over your teeth that help removing the tartar. The juice of these red fruits should sit on teeth for five minutes. This is important process to help in softening the buildup. You can rinse with warm water afterwards. Besides tomatoes and strawberries, you can use other fruits such as berries and red bell peppers.

  1. Orange peel

Orange peel is beneficial to remove tartar from teeth. This is frequently used as natural whitener that removes the stain from teeth. Moreover, it also contains limonene that can help breaking down the tartar without make your enamel eroded. The vitamin C of this natural ingredient can help preventing microorganism growth on teeth. The procedure is simple. Prepare fresh orange peels beforehand. Use the inside part of orange peel to rub your gums and teeth directly before sleeping at night. In the morning, you can rinse with water after let it sit overnight. Do this remedy repeatedly as needed to clean your teeth.

How to Remove Plaque with Simple Methods

  1. Baking soda

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate will be great home treatment to help removing tartar from teeth. This ingredient can neutralize the acids and then reduce the harmful bacteria from your mouth. Baking soda powder or paste can be excellent way of how to remove tartar from teeth without dentist. It has been analyzed to be more effective for removing tartar than products with no baking soda. Take it in small amount and apply on wet toothbrush. Use it to brush your teeth thoroughly and rinse it off using lukewarm water. Follow this remedy once a week. If you want to try this method, make sure that you do not use this baking soda too much, because it can damage your enamel over time.