Remedies that Will Help You to Get Rid of Onion Breath

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Most of you might enjoy food with onion ingredients. Unfortunately, most people do not enjoy the odor justify by this ingredient, so they are looking for the ways to get rid of onion breath. In this article, we are going to talk about simple remedies that will help you to deal with this issue. Despite being good in your health in some ways, onion has high sulfurous compounds. When you consume onion, those compounds are digested. As the result, the odor molecules are transferred in your lungs through your bloodstream. That is where the bad breath is coming from.

best way to get rid of onion breath

  1. Green tea

The best way to get rid of onion breath is by consuming green tea. Green tea is rich of unique compounds called as polyphenols. This particular substance is considered as strong antioxidant. It works by destroying sulfurous compounds contained in onion that you consume. Therefore, it is able to reduce the chance of bad breath development significantly. Fortunately, green tea can be found easily. Drink it few times a day in order to remove onion odor in your breath.

  1. Apple

People are not kidding when they say one apple a day keep the doctor away. This fruit is packed with nutritional value that is good for your body in general. So, if you ask about how to get rid of onion breath, apple is the answer. As it goes with green tea, apple also contains substances that are able to deal with sulfurous compounds causing bad breath. You can always consume apple right after you eat any cuisine with onion ingredients.

  1. Lemon

In order to fight against sulfurous compounds on onion, you can also take advantage of citric acid. Citric flavor can be easily obtained in lemon. Both of those substances are canceling each other. Therefore, it is able to neutralize odor caused by onion consumption. Most importantly, lemon has antibacterial properties. Simply make lemon water and swish it inside your mouth several times throughout the day. Refreshing lemon water can also be a good way to company your meal.

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Those are several remedies that you can use to get rid of onion breath. Most of them can be easily found in your kitchen. In general, onion breath does not possess long-term health issue. That being said, some people feel unconfident when they have bad breath. It is unfortunate since most dishes that use onion as one of their ingredients are delicious. By using the remedies mentioned above, you do not have to be worried anymore about bad breath after consuming onion.