Home Remedies for Tooth Infection

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Home remedies for tooth infection can be tried when you are suffering from tooth infection. It is not something that you can take lightly, because this kind of infection can be dangerous as it might spread to your blood. In order to prevent further infection, it is necessary to seek for proper medical attention as well as to soothe the pain. However, some people probably do not want to get medical treatment soon as they get the infection. Therefore, for these people they can try these home remedies.

Tooth infection can be suffered by anyone, especially those who do not follow good oral hygiene properly. Besides, women in their pregnancy might be prone to this kind of infection due to the hormonal changes and other factors. If pregnant women want to try home remedies for tooth infection while pregnant, it is important to let healthcare provider know this beforehand to assist further treatment if necessary.

home Remedieshome remedies for tooth infection for Tooth Infection

Some home remedies below can help relieving the pain and also clearing the infection of your tooth. Kinds of ingredients used are easy to get and probably already available at home.

  1. Salt water

Salt water is a good choice recommended for oral infection that acts as excellent antibiotic. So, if you have any oral infection including tooth infection or other kind of infection happened in your mouth, gums, and throat you can use salt water for rinsing. Salt water as home remedies for tooth infection work by killing harmful bacteria as well as drawing out tooth infection.

You can mix it with warm water for rinsing your mouth several times in a day. If you have either baking soda or vinegar, it would be much better to combine it with salt water. This mixture would be more effective and powerful for your tooth infection. Keep in mind that you should not use extremely cold or hot water to mix oral rinse since they can make the pain worse.

  1. Garlic

The next natural ingredient is garlic. It is known as natural and powerful antibiotic with lots of benefits since the ancient times. Nevertheless, these days not all people are aware the effectiveness of garlic for treating many kinds of infections.

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To use garlic, it is the best to choose the raw one. You should chew one garlic clove thoroughly until it is crushed before swallowing it. You probably feel that it burns a bit inside your mouth, but it is the best method to get the benefits of this ingredient into your body system. Alternatively, you can use the combination of garlic oil and clove oil. Use them to compress the infected tooth.