Home Remedies for Abscessed Tooth to Try at Home

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Home remedies for abscessed tooth would be helpful for those who are suffering from this infection. Having an abscessed tooth would be uncomfortable and disturbing for anyone. Even though it is not a big thing, the pain you feel due to the infection can make your day sorrow. This condition could be even more worrisome rather than just a simple toothache.

Abscessed tooth happens when there is an infection within your tooth spread around or to the root tip. When the abscess has been formed, the tooth will lose its ability in fighting the infection. Thus, bacteria will invade your pulp chamber. At this point, the bacteria is going to multiply which in result makes the infection spread more from pulp chamber through the root bottom into your bone.

home remedies for abscessed tooth
home remedies for an abscessed tooth

Home Remedies for Tooth Infection

Once you suffer from abscessed tooth, you have to treat it immediately. Either to get medical treatment from dentist or to get home treatments, the choice is in your hand. However, you can follow some home remedies for an abscessed tooth that will help you reduce the pain. This method will also help you to heal faster using the ingredients that can be easily obtained at home.

  1. Warm salt solution

Among all home remedies for abscessed tooth, the easiest method to help healing abscess tooth is by using salt. This natural ingredient is quite popular and effective as the solution for abscessed tooth. The consideration is that using salt water for pulling in your mouth is able to prevent the bacterial outbreak. You can mix 1 glass warm water with 1 tablespoon common salt and dissolve it. Then, put this solution in the mouth to swish for thirty seconds. Do it repeatedly until the solution is used completely. Do this method twice a day.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

The next natural ingredient to help curing this infection is apple cider vinegar which has the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This excellent ingredient will help reducing the inflammation and the pain by disinfecting your mouth from all bacterial colonies. The procedure to complete is firstly by preparing it ingredient in raw and unfiltered type. After that, take two tablespoon of this vinegar and mix with 1 cup warm water. Use it to swish around the infected area for about five minutes before rinsing with water.

  1. Garlic paste

The other effective natural remedies for abscessed tooth are using garlic as natural antibiotic. Garlic will be able to reduce the inflammation due to anti-inflammatory property it has. Just take a garlic clove to make thick paste by crushing it. Apply the paste over the affected area directly and let it sit for fifteen minutes. You can spit it afterward and rinse with water.