Get Rid of Chapped Lips with Natural Ingredients

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Do you know how to get rid of chapped lips with natural ingredients and some home remedy recipes? Chapped lips may make you look unattractive. After all, your lips are a part of your face so you want to keep them healthy and moist. But don’t you worry because some of these natural ingredients can really help you with your problem.

how to get rid of chapped lips naturally
how to get rid of chapped lips without chapstick
  1. Coconut Oil

These oils are natural lubricants and they are pretty safe for your usage. Choose the virgin oil as the carrier oil. You can mix it up with tea tree oil as the essential oil. If you can’t find the virgin coconut oil, you can use the jojoba, castor, or olive oil. If you can’t find the tea tree oil, you can use neem or grapeseed oil. Once you mix them up, you need to apply the oil on your lips and just leave it. But feel free to re-apply the mix twice or three times. If you want to, you can apply it at night before sleeping.

  1. Vaseline and Honey

Simply apply honey directly on your lips and then top it off with the Vaseline. Leave it for around 20 minutes before removing it with a damp cloth or tissue. Apply this once a day. You should be able to see the result within a week. This is a pretty safe and effective way to get rid of chapped lips.

  1. Aloe Vera

If you want to know how to get rid of chapped lips fast, you can use aloe vera gel. From one aloe vera leaf, you will get enough gel that can be kept within an airtight container. Apply the gel on your lips before going to sleep and leave it be. When you wake up in the morning, cleanse your lips with warm water. It will remove the top layers of the dead skin cells from your lips. It would be better if you keep the remaining gel inside the refrigerator.

  1. Rose Petals

Mix 6 rose petals with half cup of milk. Let the petals soak for 3 hours. Then mash up the petals within the milk so you finally get a paste-like form. Apply the paste mix directly on your lips and leave it be for around 20 minutes before cleansing it with cold water. Thanks to the high content of vitamin E in the rose petals, your condition should improve.

These home remedies may seem like a hassle but they are truly super – they are effective and they are inexpensive. You should try these different alternatives of the best way to get rid of chapped lips to boost your own health and beauty.