Geographic Tongue Causes and Treatment

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Geographic tongue gains it unique name from the appearance of this health problem. The tongue infected by this health issue has map-shape lesions, hence geographic tongue. Benign migratory glossitis is its medical term. Despite the unique name, it seems that the geographic tongue causes are mysterious. In the mild case, this issue is harmless. Other than the geographic appearance, it does not inflict pains. Things might get different once it develops into severe case. In severe case, the lesions cut deeper in the tongue. It inflicts unbearable pains.

Talking about the symptoms, here are some of the symptoms caused by geographic tongue. The main symptom is lesion all over the tongue. It often occurs in pinky patches. The lesions and patches mostly appear on the top surface of the tongue. However, in some cases, the lesions may also occur in both sides of the tongue. The location of those lesions and patches might changes over time. Despite its location, the severe cases of this health problem often inflict burning sensation and pains. At this rate, you might want to know about what causes it. Here are some of them.

geographic tongue causes and treatment
geographic tongue pictures
  1. Spicy foods

Frequent consumption of spicy foods is one of the frequent geographic tongue causes. The same condition might also occurs when a person consume food in hot condition. Contact with acidic food is considered as contributing factor to this disease as well.

  1. Cigarette smoke

Smoking cigarette is bad habit for human health. Most people only know the implication of cigarette addiction for their lungs. Apparently, smoking cigarette too often creates white patches on the tongue as well. The best way to prevent this from happening is by stopping bad habit of smoking.

  1. Toothpaste

Toothpaste is intended to maintain good health of tooth. Some products of toothpaste have strong chemical ingredients. The ingredients might be helpful to take care of human tooth. Unfortunately, the papillae in human tongue are not strong enough to withstand those ingredients thus causing deep lesions.

White Coated Tongue Causes and Treatments

Those are some causes of geographic tongue disease. In general, the white patches and deep lesions on people suffering from this health issue are caused by missing layer of papillae. Other than those causes, some medical experts believe that it runs in family. Avoiding those causes is the best way to prevent it from happening in the first place. If the pains occur, it is recommended to consume medicine with anti-inflammation ingredients. Gargling anesthetic will also help to reduce the pain as well. In the case where the pain does not resolve, it is strongly advisable to visit a doctor.