Clove Oil for Toothache with the Possible Treatments

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There are reasons why clove oil for toothache is often chosen as the major treatment. There are some potent substances within the clove oil that is believed to alleviate the pain and the discomfort. However, you should be extra careful when applying the oil because the wrong application will lead to worsening condition or side effects.

Be advised, though, that there is clove oil for toothache side effects, especially if you aren’t careful in the administration. When ingested by kids, the oil can cause seizure, fluid imbalance, and liver damage so it is not advisable to give the oil for kids. But for adults, the oil is most likely safe. So, what are the possible administrations for the oil?

clove oil for toothache
clove oil for toothache side effects
  1. Direct Oral Application

The most effective ways of clove oil for toothache is to have a direct application. Make sure that your mouth is clean. Rinse it with warm water before applying the oil. By using a cotton ball, apply three drops of the oil so the cotton ball will saturated in it. Wring it to remove the excess oil – you want to have enough oil but not too wet so it will spread to other areas. Apply the cotton ball directly on the affected area and leave it for 30 seconds. Don’t swallow any remaining oil. Take the cotton ball right away. The pain should subside immediately.

For some people, the cotton ball is too big so they use the cotton bud instead. You can soak the cotton bud in the oil for a while. Wring it to remove the excess oil and then apply to the aching area. This will seriously affect the pain and reduce it.

  1. Health Products

It is possible to find oral hygienic products containing clove oil. You should have no problems finding a toothpaste or mouthwash containing clove oil. For some people, these kinds of products are safer. However, the potency and the efficiency of these products may not be as potent as the pure clove oil. Whereas the pure oil will deliver immediate effect, these products may not deliver instant result. You may have to use the products several times before the pain really subsides.

Ways to Stop a Toothache with Common Ingredients

Make sure that you know the proper ways of how to use clove oil for toothache. Swallowing the oil may cause an upset stomach. Your toothache issue may get worse when excessive oil spreads to the gum or other areas. Make sure that you don’t overdo it.