Burning Mouth Syndrome Treatment and Prevention

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If you feel burning sensation in your lips and mouth, you should know the burning mouth syndrome treatment. This sensation occurs and develops all of sudden in any spot of your mouth, lips, and tongue. This syndrome can be more severe condition that comes every day and periodically. The treatment and prevention can be strived by recognizing the type of syndrome.  It can be severe or mild, and different from individual to individual. Some people explain the burning sensation as similar to the burning feeling after eating too spicy food. Others describe that it feels pungent and scalding. Those who experience milder BMS feel numbness and light tingling.

BMS symptoms may last for a days, weeks, or months. Some people may live with BMS for years that cause drink and eat difficulty. In milder cases, it can be relieved by eating and drinking certain foods and beverages. Treatment for Burning Mouth Syndrome includes medications and home remedies. Medications can be undertaken for secondary or severe BMS in which the sufferers are diagnosed with dry mouth, acid reflux, and mouth infection.

burning mouth syndrome treatment
burning mouth syndrome treatment baking soda

For dry mouth condition, doctor will give medication that promotes saliva production or ask patient to consume vitamin supplement. Acid reflux medication is undertaken to neutralize acid in stomach. For mouth infection condition, the medication will be prescribed to relieve pain by treating an infection. Burning Mouth Syndrome treatment for secondary or milder case includes some home remedies like:

  1. Ice Chips

Sucking on some small ice chips can help to relieve burning sensation. You can do it after eating or throughout the day whenever the symptoms come.

  1. Cold Liquids

Drinking or sipping cold liquids can help to relieve burning sensation and pain. Some people get relieved after they drank some cold liquids such as cold mineral water or juice.

  1. Raw Honey

Placing a teaspoon of raw honey on tongue and leaving it on for a few minutes will relieve mouth pain and burning sensation. It is because honey has anti-inflammation properties that boost healing.

Well, BMS prevention includes avoiding any food and drink that may triggers burning sensation, drinking more water, and using baking soda. Baking soda is an easy, cheap and versatile ingredient. It can be used for relieving burning mouth and pain as well as preventing it from occurring.

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Burning Mouth Syndrome treatment baking soda can be done by mixing 1 teaspoon of baking soda with warm water together in a glass and gargle with it. This way can be done for prevention as well. Though the symptom is not coming, you can gargle with baking soda solution. Alternatively, change your toothpaste with another one that contains baking soda.