Burning Mouth Syndrome Causes

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Burning mouth syndrome causes are various as it can be related to someone’s health problems differently. You must be curious about it because it gives extremely discomfort. If you feel a burning sensation inside your mouth which affects the gums, tooth, roof, throat, and cheek, beware that you may suffer from burning mouth syndrome. There will be some symptoms accompanying it like dry mouth, numb feeling, soreness, metallic taste, etc. The factors that may ignite burning mouth are quite complex and can be linked to your health conditions.

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burning mouth syndrome causes
  1. Oral problems

This can be the most possible cause of burning mouth syndrome since it happens inside your mouth or oral organ. Several conditions of unhealthy mouth can contribute to this syndrome. The suspects of flare-up causes in your mouth are including oral thrush, dry mouth, and also Sjogren’s syndrome.

  1. Mouth irritations

Dental health can be affected by many kinds of irritants. Smoking, acidic drinks, as well as certain mouthwashes are contributing agents that make your mouth dry and feel burning sensation. Other irritants like bruxism, hard tooth brushing, loose fitting dentures, and tongue thrusting can play the role as well.

  1. Medical conditions

Certain medical condition may influence your health which is in results be one of burning mouth syndrome causes. If you have thyroid or diabetes problem, it may result in scalding or burning sensation in your mouth. Besides, GERD disease which is related to stomach acid could irritate oral tissues. Such health problem can lead to certain dental problems too. Another cause is when there is damaged nerve in your mouth and tongue that influence more than the taste buds. The nerve controls the pain. So, in this case burning mouth might be one of the signs from nerve damage.

  1. Certain medications and treatments

The next factor of what causes burning mouth syndrome is certain medication and treatment. There are some medications which promote this syndrome to happen. They are medications for high blood pressure and also antidepressants. Besides, this syndrome may be related to radiation as well as chemotherapy for cancer.

  1. Hormonal imbalances and menopause

Women in their menopause will experience hormonal changes. It can affect your mouth in producing the saliva. Commonly, those who are experiencing hormonal imbalance will have such annoying side effect of burning mouth.

Burning Mouth Syndrome Treatment and Prevention

  1. Vitamin deficiencies

The key factor to prevent burning mouth is good nutrition. So, if you are having nutritional or vitamin deficiencies due to the lack of zinc, iron, vitamin B, and so on, these can be the causes of burning mouth syndrome. The chance of suffering from burning mouth syndrome would be increasing as you do not get adequate intake of nutrition and vitamins.