Best Home Remedies for Denture Pain Relief

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Denture is an alternative solution for those who lost their teeth. Denture comes in two different types. They are partial and complete denture. Partial denture consists of one or some denture while complete denture means it substitutes all teeth. Though it is helpful, sometimes it causes pain and discomfort, especially at the beginning of use. At least 50 % of denture users experience this problem. However, there are some treatments for denture pain relief.

When you use denture for the first time, you might experience some problems such as gum pain and swelling, red wound on gum under the denture, and white patches in mouth. General cause of these problems is bacteria that develop in the denture. Low-quality denture, bad mouth hygiene, and hard food can make your denture broken. Truth is that denture can’t be as fit as teeth but it doesn’t mean you have to experience these problems and suffer from terrible pain and discomfort. Denture pain relief can be strived by following some home remedies and treatments. Here are the best solutions for treating denture pain.

denture pain remedies
partial denture pain
  1. Gargle with Salt Solution

Salt is very helpful during adjustment phase. It helps to reduce swelling and gum pain as well as inhibits bacterial growth in mouth. Salt also reduce the risk of wound and dry mouth. Remove the dentures and rub gently your gum using salt for a few seconds then rinse your mouth with warm water. Follow this remedy once in a day.

  1. Applying Ground Clove on Gum

Clove contains Eugenol, substance that has anti-inflammation analgesic properties. It works excellent to prevent new denture pain as well as relieve pain that is already felt. Apply some ground clove on your painful gum and leave it on for about 5 minutes before rinsing it using warm water.

  1. Applying Turmeric Powder

To relieve denture pain, you can take some turmeric powder and make a little fine paste from it. Turmeric has antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties that helps to reduce pain, gum inflammation, and swelling. Rub your gum gently using turmeric paste and leave it on for about 5 minutes. Then, gargle with warm water.

Clove Oil for Toothache with the Possible Treatments

Following simple denture pain remedies above will help to relieve pain and swelling. If your pain continues, don’t hesitate to consult your dentist. During remedies, it would be better to eat soft textured foods for several weeks such as porridge, bread, oatmeal, and pasta.