Baby Teething Symptoms and Remedies

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Baby teething symptoms make the baby extra-cranky. These symptoms usually come in around six months but some babies may experience the symptoms earlier or later, depending on some factors. The factors include genetic, stimulus, and eating activity. There are different types of symptoms for baby teething. The most common reaction of babies who experience teething is being cranky and excessive drooling. The symptoms of baby teething can occur vary widely. Some common symptoms to watch for are fever, swollen gums, and ear pain.

  1. Fever

Baby who is teething may has low-grade or mild fever. The fever cause baby’s body temperature should not be more than 101 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is higher than this, it shouldn’t be teething symptom. Baby teething symptoms fever usually cause the baby cranky, cry, and fussy, especially at night. This fever lasts around 3 days or more. The period for this fever can be different in each baby.

  1. Swollen Gums

Another discomfort of baby teething symptoms is swollen gums. Red and swollen gums may occur before a new tooth comes out. The gums can be bruised as well as bulged along with the emerging new tooth.

  1. Ear Pain

Ear pain makes babies tug their ears. This ear pain occurs because of the jaw pain. It is transferred to the canal of ear. Sometimes, this symptom can be worrying because the babies may pull their ears so hard and continually.

baby teething symptoms fever
symptoms of baby teething

For the first remedy is gum massage. Wash your finger gently press baby’s gum with your finger to give it a relief. Otherwise, use a gum massager but make sure the material is safe for baby. Next, use cold soft spoon. Keep a soft spoon in freezer for 15 minutes and give it to your baby. Let your baby gnaw it. It helps to relieve pain and itch in gum. Don’t use it if the tooth totally comes out to prevent the tooth from being chipped.

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Thirdly, you can use frozen fruits. If your baby already turns six months old, a slice of frozen food can be a safe remedy to lessen gum pain and swelling. It calms baby’s gum nerves as well as give good supply at the same time. Furthermore, some herbs can be added into a cup of tea for your baby’s beverage. Alternatively, rub baby’s gum with these herbs. Some recommended herbs are chamomile, clove, and rosehip. Try the remedies mentioned above to relieve symptoms of a baby teething. Though the remedies may not get rid of the symptoms completely, at least the baby will not be too cranky any longer.