14 ideas for a room worthy of a grand hotel

That you appreciate the comfort of a hotel room in strength to stay there regularly during business trips or on the contrary, because it is rare and it rhymes with holidays or romantic weekend, why not arrange her room to feel it as in a large hotel. One might as well stay there every day while enjoying maximum comfort. But above all the feeling that everything was done to that we can also live and enjoy his room outside the hours of sleep.

Tips to switch arena 8: Clash Royale

Games Hack

The legendary arena seems so distant and complicated for you. But it is actually very close . Whether 1500 or 2999 trophies, this guide will greatly you help in order to reach this famous arena , where you will gain these famous legendary trophy , symbol of your height on the game. This is made up of several tricks that once met, you may be climbing arena legendary  !


Management skills elixir


It is a method that many people know but very little use: always lay the cards it takes the right time , keeping an eye on the enemy and our elixir . Always try to find out the number of elixir more than the opponent on ourselves.



Namely memorizing the opposing cards


A concept very little exploited simply because everyone does partly unconsciously . With this trick you’ll be ready for each enemy offensives , not to be surprised. For this method to be running, you really need to ensurethat you have in your hand all the cons meta cards (of the moment) and locate its eight cards . Once this methoddone , you will have more facilities to play  and sync your cards with hers to put in difficulty throughout the game. Clash Royale Hack



Know the game mechanics


The game mechanics are such attack and defense. Each deck has its own game mechanics that you need to know. Once the concepts about positioning your cards, rotation, tricks are acquired, you will be able to use your full deck, and climb even higher as long as you play the meta cards!





Play meta cards


The meta cards (of the moment) are playing cards altogether . These cards are played as this to receive a buff in a recent patch, or that it is very strong, versatile and useful . These cards form the meta deck . These are the playing cards altogether .



Analyze the opposing profile


This notion seems complicated , but it is not. There are two types of opponents , depending on deck:

 Decks fast  : he will try to make lots of small attacks and will only defend with small troops. Use your cardswisely , every mistake can be fatal .

 Decks delay : It will try to temporize the game, and once that is done, it will return the situation in its favor if you do not have the cards you need at the right time. To counter this type of deck, so you have to like him ,delaying , hiding cards . And once he put his big band , while letting go of the opposing side .

This technique is variable depending on the skill of the opponent . Over the adversary will have skill , the more this technique is flawed , because it plays to their game types in the same time.

Know how to play against stronger than you


Once properly installed, you will face a major problem: people with better cards than you. In legend, every early season, Mondays every two weeks, players over 3000 back to 3000, including 4000 trophies. The players in 4000 trophies are often in 3000  in the early season. To play against them and win there will be several criteria:

 Playing on delay : Wait a mistake and did not made. For that you will play against the attack.

 Playing on the pressure : when he makes a big troop up well, it will be very difficult to defend with your cards, knowing that you have one or more levels below it. That is why you need to rush the opposite lane.

These strategies will ensure you a star. After successfully taking a turret, try to combine defense and rushes.


How to develop storage solutions in my garage?

The best way to organize your garage is to install suitable storage solutions. recessed cupboards, closed cabinets with drawers used to store your DIY tools in storage boxes or tool boxes. also install sliding doors to protect them from dust. Another tip for organizing garages is to install a pegboard for tools on the wall. This helps to organize and carefully can easily find them as you work. Install a small bench for a work plan. To maximize floor space, you can hang pegs and hooks in height to hang the brooms and shovels. You can store and storage trunks underneath. Another space saving idea if you have bikes, use racks and bicycle racks to hang suspended without being in the way. Finally, gain additional space by installing door while the ceiling. These practices are mounted storage for hanging items used occasionally, such as an umbrella or a ladder.

Should I build a garden shed?

If you have a small garage that can not contain anything you want to store it, think of the garden sheds. A wooden chalet is ideal for storing garden tools or the pool equipment and patio furniture during the winter. In good weather, you can also use it as a living independent of the house, dedicated to your hobby, DIY or play. The garden huts are usually not very big, but are easy to install. They exist in various price ranges and can buy prefabricated. This is why the garden cottages are used by many families.  Garage door hardware kits

How to use my garage or my garden shed?

You can use the space for purely utilitarian functions and create a laundry area in your garage or basement corner wines. If you prefer to create a living room rather than a storage space, you can convert your garage or garden shed into an additional living room. A garage, adjacent to the house or not, can be used as a home office, a game room, a music room, a DIY workshop or as an extra bedroom. In a garden shed, you can create a game room for the kids or an artist’s studio. It can also be addictive office reserved for your business, if you work from home. If you make a studio, check the standards for ventilation, light and insulation. Discover 4884 photos on Houzz and find tips and ideas to optimize the modern exterior storage space.

Before Christmas: 15 Tips for a deco table eco-chic and trendy


“” Is not for nothing that we speak of» tableware»: with the holiday, papillae and pupils are on the lookout for good things and it would be a pity not to stage the delicious put that you have prepared? But how to decorate his table with taste from noble materials to trend eco-design, recycling and cheap?

The bulk of the table

To begin with, tablecloth: ideal is to take United, rather white or beige – clear in any case, say the experts. Side material, aim flax and do not hesitate to use old sheets found on the flea markets, then tinted with tea for example, to get a nice effect.

Then come the cutlery and tableware. No need to buy a whole service for the holidays, made simple, play on the mismatched side if the family arrives and you do not have enough. Disposable dishes? You will think even not, I hope 😉 Or then make sure you take containing recycled content, preferably…

Dress after all with towels, then glasses, candles, candles and other holiday accessories. Use natural materials, think to recover tissue falls, to enhance your collection of corks to make marks place golden, to go do a ride to find a few branches and other worksheets that will serve you to dress up your table.

The selection below will bring you, I hope, some ideas!

For towels

Avec des brins de Romarin source: http://www.welke.nl/photo/suuuzann/Leuk-en-makkelijk-voor-de-kersttafel.1383663537

With sprigs of Rosemary

Pour les serviettes avec des branchages et de la canelle

Napkin with twigs and cinnamon


Source – Sarah Kathleen




And why not all a table of Christmas in the forest ?


For ideas of marks place, do not hesitate to consult this comprehensive article directed by Elle Belgium.

Candles and lanterns

Source: Via Leonardo Rossi

Source: Via Leonardo Rossi

diy christmas table decorations with candle and candleholder-f42004

Incidentally, do you know How to prolong the life of a candle?

With some flowers

In this season, wood, apples of pine and Holly are improvised. The following presentations inspire you:



Source: It Belgium



With jars


To achieve such a composition, take a large jar, sugar powder, twigs, foliage of FIR and some figurines. Then have fun to work the staging, rather well seen, non? Christmas Light Projectors

And some stars…

Une simple étoile

A simple star


Sparks in the discussion

To animate discussions and avoid the crisis of nerves, why not try the Christmas bingo imagined by Mhae site ?


Source: bingo’s Christmas by Mhae Top Christmas bingo grid

And you, do you have other decorating ideas?

Seven Pro Tips for championship contender in FIFA 16

FIFA 16 is a difficult game. Along with the always unjust and cruel game difficulty that we have ever seen in a football game, there are many things to master. On top of all it is a game, which assumes that the player knows his craft of digital football game. Anyone with not many years practice in FIFA, can give sport football simulator quickly get into trouble with the new edition of EA. And even if someone thinks is a FIFA Master, several elements must be relearned equal. We have compiled the seven most important tips that are guaranteed to all professionals also considered to be good in FIFA 16th

Build knowledge
Who wants to race, must learn to walk first. FIFA 16 is a very complex game of football with many types of shooting, dribbling and the Misfits. To learn the basics and then the most advanced features, you should urgently look at the tutorial videos in the main menu. The new Live Help system is initially very useful because it provides a context-sensitive while playing tips.Just a couple of matches playing on low difficulty level, focusing on the tips.

Never dull after rushing the ball, because it dribbles a even the weak set Artificial Intelligence with ease into nirvana.

Practice collect
Theory of FIFA 16 is the one thing that really good one will only match practice. There is nothing better than to try to complete the skill games with top rating. Some of these challenges are quite difficult, but after several attempts can feel the individual development. Those mastering the skill games, is well prepared for online and offline matches and knows most secrets of the game.

Art of good defense
Defending in FIFA 16 is a complicated task, especially through the manual control of the defense.Who it really is too hard, which can return to the classical scheme, which works almost automatically. For this you have to look at the menu, select “Legacy-defense” and activate. And one should ALWAYS try to stay calm while you have to take over the defense work. Never dull after rushing the ball, because it dribbles a even the weak set Artificial Intelligence with ease into nirvana. Calm, patience and timing are the basics for a good defense.

Possession expand
the Artificial Intelligence in FIFA 16 so defended very well, so it is only natural that some people will find it hard to retain possession. If that is the case, you should first the Sprint button RELEASE. Really now. There is often a tendency loszurennen with the ball, but that can be a big mistake. One should rather try to hit the ball more often to adjust and to wait for the other players, so that they can occupy the empty spaces. So you risk much less turnovers. And that allows one to keep the ball for a longer period.

An important rule: you have to know the strengths of the team and be clever.

Assault with intent
There are several ways to attack in FIFA 16th We can try flanks to place in the box, early to defend the enemy and to put in a quick counterattack by shooting outside the box, or to start a bit fixes passing near the defenders. But there is no better or worse way for the attack, but you should consider the context of the team. If the strikers are rather small, flanks are perhaps the worse way. Are they rather slow, it will not be easy to start fast counterattack. One must know the strengths of the team and be clever.

With tactics to success
formations and tactics in FIFA 16 are more important than many players believe. So some often complain that the team too far behind remains, too often runs into the offside trap or generally does not have enough ability to press forward. All this may actually be due simply to the wrong selected formation and thus the wrong tactics of the team. So you should spend some time to find the model that best fits the self of the team playing style. Here sometimes helps just trial and error. One may neglect the tactical side of the simulation anyway NIE.

are collected while playing so diligently game currency, which you also can issue and should.From the main menu you can access the catalog, use the coins for the FUT mode to unlock alternate jerseys, new cheers Posen, extra balls or cheats for career mode. This has no direct effect, but it plays a psychological role to play in particularly rare or expensive shirts and show the enemy exactly.